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Soft materials, bio-inspiration, machine learning, and self-assembly are our tools to create novel robots.

Embodied Intelligence: soft robots, self-assembly, and machine learning
Here you can find the links to some of the research talks I gave in different platforms, which are available online:


The rate of compression of the boundaries selects different self-assembled patterns.

Programmable macroscopic self-assembly
Our research on reprogrammable macroscopic self-assembly using dynamic boundaries ( click here for the article ) has been highlighted in :

Robots and Nature, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
I was invited to the YouTube channel of my friend Deniz Bagci to talk about my research and goals on soft robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. You can watch the full video with English subtitles here, 2020.

Anthropomorphic hybrid robot fingers demonstrate physical adaptivity.

Anthropomorphic Robot Fingers
Our research on anthropomorphic fingers that combine soft and rigid structural elements and demonstrate physical adaptation to many objects ( click here for the article ) has been highlighted in :

  • Victoria Derbyshire on BBC Two, 2015.
  • Robots learn to evolve and improve” by Pallab Ghosh on BBC News (watch the full interview here), 2015.
The robot fabricates spider-inspired draglines using a thermoplastic material.

Spider Robot
Our research on a spider-inspired mobile robot that fabricates draglines to move in free-space ( click here for the article ) has been highlighted in :

  • Un robot-araignée qui se déplace sur son propre fil“, FuturaTech, 2014.

  • Spiderman-like robot creates draglines, scales walls“, Electronic Products, 2014.

  • Spiderman robot spins draglines to cross open space“,, 2014.

  • Spider-Man robot to explore rocky planets“, Business Standard and NDTV, 2014.

  • Spider-Man robot spins own web to abseil off a cliff“, New Scientist, 2014.
Robot fabricates soft sensors on the spot to probe different objects.

Sensor-Fabricating Robot
Our active sensing research that uses a robot arm that can fabricate soft sensors to discriminate the physical properties of the objects in its workspace ( click here for the article ) has been highlighted in :


Soft Robotics Week 2015
We have organized the first “Soft Robotics Week” in collaboration with the European Research Consortiums RoboSoft and SMART-E, which took place in Livorno, Italy ( April 13-17 2015 ). Up to 100 international leaders and talented students from 15 countries and 46 institutions worldwide participated in this workshop. You can follow this link to access the workshop webpage.

The Hot-Glue Kit is a modular actuation toolbox for fast, soft robot prototyping.

Hot Glue Actuation Kit
I developed a modular actuation toolkit to provide a programmable tendon actuation platform for fast soft robot prototypes. We used this toolkit at the first Soft Robotics Week in Livorno, Italy in 2015 and asked the participants to build the fastest terrestrial soft robot ( watch the YouTube video of the robot of the winning team ).

We attended the Soft Robotics Toolkit Competition organized by the Harvard BioDesign Lab at Harvard Univesity in 2015 and awarded the runner-up award for our contributions to the soft robotics education. More information about the toolkit.

International Workshop on Soft Robotics and Morphological Computation 2013
We organized the “2013 International Workshop on Soft Robotics and Morphological Computation” as the Bio-Inspired Robotics Laboratory, ETH-Zürich in Centro Stefano Franscini ( CSF ), Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland ( July 14 – 19 2013 ). The workshop was attended by 100 international researchers and pioneers on soft robotics research. The workshop involved keynote talks, discussion sessions, oral and poster presentations, and a public event including robotic demonstrations from the participants. The public event was televised on the national TV network LA1 RSI “Il Quotidiano”, and was highlighted on the newspapers “Corriere del Ticino”, “La Regione”, “Il Giornale del Popolo”, and the ETH-Zürich Magazine “ETH-Life”.

Public Lectures

Road to Science – 2019
I gave an online lecture about physical intelligence and soft robot designs in an e-seminar series called “Road to Science” supported by the Ministry of Education of Turkey (April 2019). The lecture was aired live to 65 high schools and it is currently being used as a lecture material within the high-school education curriculum in Turkey.

DELI Science and Arts Highschool – 2018
To encourage the next generation to follow a research career in STEM fields, I joined the seminar organized by my visionary mentor Mr. Firat Ilhan at his DELI Science and Arts Highschool in Ankara, Turkey in December 2018. I shared the latest updates from the robotics research I am involved in and answered the creative questions from the talented high school students.

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